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Savor traditional Peruvian dishes crafted with ALL NATURAL ingredients and the authentic flavors of Peruvian cuisine.

Treat yourself to our mouth-watering "Lomo Saltado", freshly prepared each day using our traditional Peruvian technique.


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Customize your own bowl with your choice of protein, base, and sides, and savor the unique flavors you love!


Indulge in our signature Pollo a la Brasa, made fresh daily with our authentic Peruvian recipe.

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Experience our fresh daily selection of seafood dishes, including Cebiche, Mariscos, Jalea, Parihuela, and more.

About us

About us

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If you can imagine it, we can do it! At Lomito, we believe in combining traditional Peruvian flavors to create new and exciting taste experiences every time. Now, you can do the same. Create and enjoy your own unique Peruvian feast with us!

our taste, YOUR WAY.

What we do

We celebrate Peruvian culture through cuisine. Our menu features traditional dishes made with all-natural ingredients for a truly authentic taste experience.

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Our Brand

Lomito serves a traditional Peruvian dish called "Lomo Saltado," which was originally known as "Lomito de Vaca," "Lomito a la Chorrillana," or "Lomito Saltado." Experience authentic Peruvian cuisine with our 100% Peruvian Lomo Saltado and other traditional dishes.

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Purchase a gift card today and spread joy with every bite. And for even more delicious rewards, join our loyalty program and start earning points towards your next meal.

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